List below are a list some of the project we have worked on. More details and client information can be provide if requested.
Implemented a desktop application that had the following features: Playlist, My Music, Own Music and Find Music. Completed a great deal of graphics, often from original sources. Added Playlist and CD Burn features.
Designed and implemented large-scale website and custom application that integrated with custom company application.
Custom Server
Designed and implemented TCP\IP server that integrated with a logistic software application.
Ford Motor
Designed and developed an n-tier large-scale e-commerce application that integrated ERP and Fulfillment Center using.
Designed and developed a highly acclaimed application used to organize bulk mailings for small companies. Conducted extensive research into postal regulations in support of programming requirements.
Created Active X software using free-threaded, ATL/COM to provide a simple interface to the Windows NT Performance Monitor from our software. Assisted with the release of a point-version of Accrue Hit List, used for web-site traffic analysis.
Fulfillment Integration
Designed and implement a communication protocol for a fulfillment center, integrated it with different payment processing systems.
Parachute (Online Game)
Parachute is one of a number of different custom online games we have created. Try it!